8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

8 Crazy Upcoming Features of Android 12

Hey Guys! Welcome to another helpful blog. This blog is gonna based on the 8 Upcoming Features of Android 12.

If you want to know which 8 features are based in an Android 12, then you should definitely read out this post.

While these features are from leaks/rumors, I am sure that at least 8 features are definitely coming in Android 12.

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So Let’s Begin !!

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12 :

1. Double Tap Actions :

Friends, this happens very rarely that the Feature 1st implemented in iOS and then after it comes in Android. Yes, I’m talking about the Double Tap Actions.

This Feature is Basically implemented by Taping the back of your Smartphone Twice to take a screenshot or to activate any other functions by Double Tapping at the back of your Smartphone.

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

As I said earlier, this feature is implemented in iOS 12 and it is extremely useful and you can get this in Android 12 Natively.

2. App Pairs :

Also Friends, this Feature which is known as an App Pair, it is the need of the Arc.

We have seen this before in an Android Smartphone itself through the company’s UI like Xiaomi’s UI, et.

But this Feature known as app pair, it will also support natively through seamless integration in Android 12.

Now talking about the App Pairs, it is basically you can use any two apps at a single time, on a single screen as shown in the following image:

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

As most of the audience knows that it is as similar as the split screen.

But this Feature is highly implemented for the future foldable devices such as presently Z Fold 2 from Samsung, etc.

3. Android Updates :

The Feature which I liked the most and also the Biggest feature of this list is an Android Updates.

Now you can get Android Updates very easily and there can be a decrease in migration too.

It means you can get very stable updates like an iOS which gives up to 4-5 years of stable updates to their iPhones.

Another big thing is that you can update your Smartphone by downloading it from Google Play Store!

Just Imagine, how easy it would be for updating your Android smartphone.

4. Theming System :

According to 9to5Google, the Theming System is going to come in an Upcoming Android 12.

The Theming System :

In the Present Updates, you Just get a Light Theme and Dark Theme available is your Android Smartphone.

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

But with Theming System, you can customize your color preset as per your choice.

5. App Hibernating ( Performance ) :

It is said that the Performance of your smartphone will be increased in Android 12 because of App Hibernating.

It means that the app which are running in the background, will go in hibernation.

And only if you want to open that particular app it will give access to it.

Because of this, the resources which run in Background will gets Decreased and you will get an Increase in the Performance in your Smartphone.

6. Wi-fi Sharing :

Intrestingly, this Feature is also implemented in an iOS 1st and then it is coming in Android. This feature is called as Wifi Sharing.

In present Android Updates, the Wi-fi connecting process from one smartphone to another smartphone starts with the scanning of QR code.

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

But with the Android 12, you can share Wi-fi easily from one smartphone to another smartphone easily without sharing the Password seamlessly.

7. Scrollable Screenshots :

I was Expecting the Scrollable Screenshots feature to come in Android 10.

But, I think it will come in Android 12.

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

With this feature, you can take a snapshot of a whole page by scrolling like a screen.

8. WireGuard VPN :

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12

The WireGuard VPN is natively supporting the Android 12.

It means you did not have to Download any VPN app separately because you are getting pre-installed VPN.

Eg: If you are going to any other place like Taiwan, where too many Websites are banned, you can access it through the WireGuard VPN.

So friends this was only the 7-8 features that I have known. Stay tuned for the next Blog. Also make sure to give your Opinions by commenting down at the end.

~8 Upcoming Features of Android 12~

8 Upcoming Features of Android 12 :



8 Upcoming Features of Android 12 ~


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