Hey guys, welcome to Future Tech Era. This blog should be seen by you, your friends, your family, and basically for everyone, and the reason is that how you should buy a Smartphone.

The correct smartphone which suits perfectly for you and how will you purchase it, all these things I will tell you in this blog.

This blog is going to be a Smartphone Buying Guide. Must Read It.



If you ask me, then Performance is the most important thing on a smartphone. Yes, If you are buying a new smartphone of your budget or under RS.10000, those smartphones are quite good. However, If you add too many games or apps in these smartphones, their performance gets too low for your usage purpose and in 5-6 months of your buying yo,u will feel like laggy or hangy! This should not be the case. If you are buying a new smartphone, make sure that its performance would be high or good at least for 1.5-2 years that you should get.

That is why there are some important things that you should see for your smartphone in case of Performance.

  1.PROCESSOR/CPU [Central Processing Unit]                                                                                          2. RAM [Ram Access Memory                                                                                                                      3.STORAGE.

Talking about Processor, it should be Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor(SD), from my opinion. If you are a decent smartphone user, you can go with the SD600-SD700 series. If you want to do high-end gaming, you can prefer the SD800 series. (for mid-range gaming smartphones you can buy MEDIATEK HELIO G90T PROCESSOR SMARTPHONES)

Smartphone Buying Guide     SNAPDRAGON PROCESSOR

Smartphone Buying Guide     MEDIATEK PROCESSOR

Nowadays, there should be more than 4GB of RAM in your smartphone to run and manage the apps properly [latest RAM type is LPDDR4X]

In today’s world of smartphones, the Storage capacity starts from 64GB up to 1TB (1000GB). In case of storage, if you are a decent user, you can prefer 64GB-128GB of storage for your smartphone and if your main reason for buying a smartphone is more storage capacity, then you can prefer 256GB-1TB of storage.


For me, the 2nd most important thing in a smartphone is the CAMERA. Nowadays there are so many camera setups like triple camera, quad camera, a smartphone. In this case, the first thing you should see is the main camera. Don’t buy any camera phone with its megapixel. eg: there is a 12MP main camera on an iPhone SE and on the other hand, there is a 64MP main camera on Realme XT pro. After testing these phones, the clarity of an iPhone 11 is way better than note 7 pro. So don’t buy a smartphone by its megapixel.

Smartphone Buying Guide  iPhone SE [12 MP]

Smartphone Buying Guide  REALME XT PRO [64 MP]

The secondary camera is for portrait mode or can be called as bokeh mode and can be seen in almost every smartphone.

Now it is your choice that if you want ultrawide angle or macro shots, basically triple or quad camera layout. Buy a selfie camera smartphone if you like to use the front camera.


If you are conscious about slipping off your smartphone from your hand, don’t buy a glass back body smartphone. If there is a Corning Gorilla Glass protection then don’t buy it because glass is glass and glass can break. If you are buying a glass body, then I’ll recommend applying a good quality case for your smartphone.

You can use a Polycarbonate body instead of a glass back body for your smartphone and also you can feel the premiumness of your smartphone by polycarbonate back body too!


The battery is the 4th most important thing for me in a smartphone. If the battery didn’t last long even for 24hours then what is the use of it? If the battery is quite low then unnecessarily you have to carry your power bank with you, no use of it.

There should be a minimum of 4000 mili ampere [4000maH] of battery capacity which should last long up to 36hrs-48hrs [upto 2 days] If you are a heavy user or a gamer, prefer 5000maH-6000maH battery capacity.

The one more important thing is that the phone should be capable of fast charging. Make sure to watch out that the capacitive fast charger should be given inside the box (minimum 18-watt fast charger)


If you like to watch movies, play too many games, or any other multimedia activities, then Display is one of the most important things in a smartphone. Display size is also an important thing in a smartphone. If your hands are small, then generally buy a 6’’ or lower than 6’’ screen mobile.

You can even use 6.5’’ or 6.7’’ screen smartphone if your hands are normal or big. Make sure that which display you are using, like AMOLED or LCD screen, and remember while buying it.

If you use your phone outdoor too much then check its brightness. The brightness should be well enough to visible the screen even you are outside.

Also if you want your display to be punchy or you like to watch your phone at night, then I’ll suggest you buy AMOLED screen phones.

If you play too many games on your smartphone, then make sure that your display supports HDR technology. The reason is it gives much better color and viewing experience.

So finally, the last point of SMARTPHONE BUYING GUIDE is its :


Friends when you are buying a new smartphone, most of the interaction is with your OS. Like I prefer ONEPLUS OS. If I shift on any other OS then It will take time to learn for me. If you are a SAMSUNG user then prefer that OS. If you are an iOS user then prefer iPhones.

If you are purchasing any brand phones, make sure that it’s OS has its updates from time to time. Today’s smartphones come with an Android 9 patch. So make sure that you shouldn’t buy a smartphone under the Android 8 or Android 9 patch.

Stick to your budget while purchasing any smartphone. The reason is Nowadays, there is a very rapid increase in the technology of smartphones. So, don’t increase or decrease your budget while buying.

And finally friends, I’ll not end to my blog before telling this thing. If you are purchasing a new smartphone or if you finalize to buy it, then please check the service center of that particular brand is near to your locality or not.


       BEST SMARTPHONE BETWEEN 5000-10000;

          Redmi Go- click here to buy…..

          Realme C2- click here to buy…..

          Redmi 8A- click here to buy…..

          Redmi 8- click here to buy…..

          Infinix hot 8- click here to buy…..

       BEST SMARTPHONE BETWEEN 10000-15000;

          Redmi Note 8 pro- click here to buy…..

          Realme 3 pro- click here to buy…..

          Samsung M30- click here to buy…..

          Redmi Note 7S- click here to buy…..

          Vivo U10- click here to buy…..

       BEST SMARTPHONE BETWEEN 15000-20000;

          Poco F1- click here to buy…..

          Vivo Z1 pro- click here to buy…..

          Samsung M30s- click here to buy…..

          Mi A3- click here to buy….. 

          Realme 5 pro- click here to buy…..

       BEST SMARTPHONES up to 22000;

          Realme X- click here to buy…..

          Redmi K20- click here to buy…..

          Samsung A50- click here to buy…..

       BEST FLAGSHIP SMARTPHONES (high-end phones);

          OnePlus 8- click here to buy…..

          Asus 6Z- click here to buy….. 

          Redmi K20 pro- click here to buy…..


          Asus ROG 2- click here to buy…..

          Red Magic 3- click here to buy…..

          Black Shark 2- click here to buy…..

          iPhone 11 pro- click here to buy…..

Hope you like my 1st blog of SMARTPHONE BUYING GUIDE.

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